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We are a management consulting firm established in 2016 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, specializing in advisory services, strategic transformation, excellence management, quality assurance, and innovation. Our main objective is to assist organizations in achieving success and growth by offering tailored solutions, effectively managing processes, and leveraging technology. Let us collaborate to enhance operational excellence, competitiveness, and sustainability.

Through our unwavering dedication to delivering superior solutions and harnessing the latest technologies, we empower organizations to fully realize their potential, seize opportunities, and achieve remarkable outcomes. We are committed to providing world-class solutions and incorporating cutting-edge technologies to enable organizations to thrive. Together, let's foster a culture of competitiveness, enhance operational excellence, and embrace sustainability.

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At GGC, our vision is to not only be a leading national consulting company, but also to set a benchmark for international standards in our industry. We aspire to serve as an inspiring example of excellence in consulting services, demonstrating the highest level of professionalism and best practices.



GGC partners with clients to enhance their competitiveness and drive exceptional results through our national and global expertise. We aim to empower clients to establish a lasting and influential presence in their industries, delivering outstanding performance and unparalleled success.


About us


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Cultivating a Culture of Achievement for Remarkable Results

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A driving force for creating lasting impact beyond work

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Inspiring a Culture of Boundary-Pushing Ideas

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